It almost seems like I've been an artist all my life. I remember, at the age of 5, showing my painting to my grandmother. I remember because I was completely shocked that she hadn't recognized my "sailboat with ocean and sun".

Since then I have been on an amazing journey. I graduated from the University of Buffalo with a Bachelor of Fine Art. I majored in Graphic Design and, upon graduation, I set off for San Francisco. For the next several years, I supported myself there as a graphic designer, working free lance and within a variety of agencies.

My life moved away from art for a while, though I have continued to take art courses from time to time. I had my two incredible children in San Francisco. After that, I returned to Rochester, NY, where I grew up and where I raised my children. Then, I moved to Las Vegas, NV. (From Rochester to Las Vegas? that's culture shock!) I spent 19 years teaching in the public schools in Las Vegas. Many of those years I taught second grade. My students and their families seemed to appreciate the creativity I was able to bring to the classroom. (I actually won an award for Creativity from the school district.) For the last 2 years of my public school career, I taught elementary school art. While I loved teaching art, it became clear it was time to move on.

Now I have gone full circle. I am so glad to return to art. It really feels like coming home. So many of the skills I learned in the long-ago world of hand drawn graphic design have been revived in this work. I have loved paper, it's colors and textures, and I have collected it for years.. for some unknown project. This is it! I loved working with type and calligraphy inside the graphic framework, and now I get to work with it in this great, new way. I love doing this work!

I also love using a person's name and to connect, through my art, with them. I hope that this person will understand how very special they are and that this design is a celebration of their uniqueness. The ancients knew that names have great power, and I hope that my work will empower others.

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